Address the Leadership Challenges of Digital Transformation: Delivering Continuous Business Value with Leading in 3D

In the face of the titanic changes brought about by digital transformation, today's business and IT leaders are challenged to create innovative, responsive, robust organizations that deliver on the new promises of technology. Find out whether your organization's senior technology executives are prepared to lead your company successfully in the face of the competitive challenges posed by digital transformation. Take the assessment now to get a detailed report and essential guidance from IDC analysts.
Assess your Leading in 3D technology leadership
Benchmark your Leading in 3D maturity against that of other
IT organizations
Identify maturity gaps and opportunities for
Get strategic guidance from IDC analysts

  • Innovate with the business to create a true digital enterprise
  • Integrate new technologies into stable business services
  • Incorporate new skills, techniques, and culture by evolving and updating existing technology platforms

To help IT leaders cope with the challenges of leading digital transformation, IDC has developed the Leading in 3D MaturityScape framework. This model identifies five critical maturity stages and the outcomes and actions required for organizations to effectively advance their IT DX technology leadership maturity. To complement the Leading in 3D MaturityScape, IDC offers IDC MaturityScape Benchmark: Leading in 3D, a study that provides a systematic and rigorous approach for you to assess your organization’s DX technology leadership maturity level.